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Nirvana Seeds Supreme CBD Lemon OG (Автоцветущие феминизированные)

Supreme CBD Lemon OG Haze seeds are specially created by Nirvana Seeds for medicinal use.

A cross of Lemon OG Haze automatic with their CBD-rich strain («The Supreme»), Supreme CBD Lemon OG Haze combines the best of both — an autoflowering Lemon OG Haze which is rich in CBD (cannabidiol) for maximum beneficial effects.

Being an automatic, you can grow Supreme CBD Lemon OG Haze seeds at any time of year indoors, and they are best suited to indoor growing (although if you’re an experienced grower, you can try them outdoors if you have decently warm summers).

Yields are good for an autoflower, over 400g per m² of grow space indoors (e.g., in a Sea of Green set-up) and you can be harvesting after 11–12 weeks of it flowering.

As for sampling your harvest, like its Lemon OG Haze parent, Supreme CBD Lemon OG Haze is a refreshing smoke with lovely lemon and pine scents. It’s extremely well-balanced in its effects, with a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics and an almost exactly equal amounts of THC and CBD. You’ll get a pleasant mental buzz from the Haze influence yet a mild body stone from the indica genetics.

Medically, Supreme CBD Lemon OG Haze is particularly good for depression, insomnia and stress, and with its modest levels of THC, balanced by CBD, you won’t be getting too out of it. Suitable for daytime smoking and still getting on with things.

Nirvana Seeds Supreme CBD Lemon OG (Автоцветущие феминизированные)


  • Генотип: Sativa 60% / Indica 40%
  • Культивация: в помещении / в открытом грунте / в теплице
  • Генетика: Super Skunk x Auto strain
  • Время цветения (indoor): 8-10 недель
  • Высота (indoor): 80-130 см.
  • Урожай (indoor): 325 – 425 гр/м2
  • Урожай (outdoor): 60-110 г/растение
  • ТГК: 5.4%
  • КБД: 5.8%
  • Эффект: эйфория, расслабленность, сон
  • Вкус: лимон, сосна
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