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BlimBurn Seeds Auto Pack 2 (Автоцветущие феминизированные)

This pack includes 3 seeds of each:

  1. Super auto. Super Automatic is a three-way hybrid of Lowryder, Diesel and White Widow. It grows well when its roots have space to grow properly. Super Automatic shows vigorous growth throughout as well as good resin production and gives off an acrid petrol smell.
  2. Orient Auto. Orient Automatic is a stocky, auto-flowering strain with good side branching, large buds and a typical Afghan structure with plenty of resin. It smells and tastes like a a good Afghani hashish strain and offers good relaxation and is recommended for help with sleeping.
  3. Critical Auto. Critical Automatic is the result of cross-breeding Lowryder with Critical Mass. It is a very stable automatic strain with great aroma and flavour which is often hard to find in the myriad of new auto-flowering strains on the market. The main characteristic of this strain is that apart from its rapid growth it reaches considerable size with short inter-modal distance. It also develops many lateral branches that allow it to produce more buds.
BlimBurn Seeds Auto Pack 2 (Автоцветущие феминизированные)


  • Генотип: Super auto х Orient Auto х Critical Auto
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